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Discussion in 'Under Consideration' started by Beggen, Mar 13, 2018.

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  1. Beggen

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    Mar 13, 2018
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    | What is your suggestion?
    We should have a slack room where all of the staff members is in. Slack is a workspace, it’s like discord and teamspeak but you can’t speak with your microphone. There should be special rooms for special purposes, Example ”Support-Room” where lower staff members should be able to report their Perm mutes/bans, or just if they’re wondering something. There should be a ”Ask Managers” room too where you can ask the managers if you’re unsure about anything. There should also be a ”Promotion/Demotion” room where all promotions/demotions are listed. There should also be a ”Staff-Chat” room where the staff could chill out and talk with each others. A server that I was staff on before had this workspace and I think it’s a really good thing to add, as you learn quicker and you’re being more aware of what’s going on in and outside the server. There could also be a room where every announcement is being shown, called ”News room”. We should also add a document that all staff members should have infront of them everytime they’re on the server, which shows all the rules and punishments for specific rules. For example Spamming,
    First offense /Warn [Player] Spamming
    Second offense /Tempmute [Player] 10m Spamming and if the player are continuing to spam the tempmute will stack 10 minutes everytime they continues to spam.

    | Do you know how this could be implemented? (Specific plugins or other) (no specific plugin)
    | How will this benefit the EarthLordPvP Community?
    The staff team will be able to have better contact with each others, it will be more efficent and it would be a lot easier to get contact with a specific person/persons when you need some help or if you’re wondering something. You can have this workspace as an app on your phone too, so that makes it all a lot better because there could be help to get even when a specific person isn’t home/on the server. This brings a good community for the staff team, as it’s easy to learn this workspace and the staff team will always be around you, as you have your phone or computer available almost everytime (except when you sleep ofc).

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  2. TyTheOwl

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    Hello, @Beggen.

    First of all, I appreciate that you have taken the time to suggest this. I have personally used Slack before, and I agree, it's a great app!

    I'll put this suggestion under consideration and discuss this with other team members until we have a definite answer.
    Thanks for the suggestion! :)
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