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Discussion in 'Official Information' started by Zalbus, Oct 9, 2017.

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    As many of you know we recruit our staff members around the time there application has hit over 1 week then we review it and decide if they get accepted they will be into the team and have a training period. Those staff members can also get promoted, this is you're chance to state why you want someone promoted.


    Important: Please make your OWN recommendations, do not let players influence you to make a recommendation for them. Forced recommendations may result in disqualification.


    Please copy and fill out the form below, after you're done- post it as a reply to this thread. Please make sure to be genuine and detailed in your response, recommendations that are not serious will be removed. Recommendations can apply to applications or existing staff members on the team. This thread is ALWAYS being looked at for recent recommendations, help us make the best decisions! Feel free to make as many recommendations as you'd like; the more, the merrier!

    Username: Enter the username of the player you are recommending.
    Current rank:
    Detailed Response:
    Minimum response length needs to be 5 sentences. Use this section to let us know why the player deserves this recommendation in DETAIL.


    The recommendations can also be used to recommend players who are applying or current staff who you think should get promoted.
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    Sep 25, 2017
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    Username: VapeNqtion
    Current rank: Player
    Recommendation: Helper

    Detailed Response: I feel VapeNqtion should recieve helper rank because:
    He's only been playing for about a week but has more playtime then most older players. I feel like he's mature enough (Or at least, when he tries to be) to handle the situations that this server bring. He's proven to me personally that he's a trustworty and kind person. I would love to see him try out this position even on a trial basis. He's a good support and really out to try to make the server better and nicer. Altough his experience mightn't be the greatest he does know everything he needs to.

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