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Official | Legal & Illegal Mods

Discussion in 'Official Information' started by Zalbus, May 29, 2017.

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  1. Zalbus

    Zalbus EarthLordPvP Owner
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    May 8, 2017
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    Have you ever wondered, What mods are allowed on EarthLordPvP? Here is what Management think

    "Basically mods that allow your perspective of the game to change but it doesn't change another player's"
    So in other words, when thinking about whether or not you should modify your experience on Minecraft, in this case on EarthLordPvP. Always try to think about how it would work. Will it affect another person's game play or just yours? Remember, this is only a few of the most common mods used on EarthLordPvP and there are plenty more unlisted here. If you have any questions about a mod or are unsure of whether it's legal or not.


    Some legal modifications to Minecraft include:
    - HUDs
    - Minimaps [With no player trackers]
    - Keybinds || [Command] Macros
    - Optifine || FPS Boosting Mods
    - Toggle Sneak/Sprint Mods [BetterSprint 1.8 is NOT allowed]
    - Damage Indicators
    - Better PvP Mod [With Auto-Pot, Macro for auto eat, quick-use and Minimap (with player locations) all disabled]
    - Brightness Mods
    - Replay Mod
    - Schematic/World Download Mods [Printer function is illegal]
    - 5zig mod | LabyMod
    - Liteloader


    Illegal [And punishable] modifications to Minecraft include:
    - Hacked clients of any kind
    - Minimaps that show and track players, mobs or underground structures
    - Autoclickers, double clickers, etc.
    - Inventory Tweaks
    - Raid alert [Or any similar mod that alerts a user if he is being raided]
    - Things like X-Ray texture [This includes cave finder as well]
    - Any sort of modification that gives you unfair advantages over other players
    - Action Macros/Mods [Macros or mods that enhance player abilities against other players and unfairly for yourself. This also includes macros that serve as automatic or faster clicking devices]

    We want to keep your time and experience on EarthLordPvP as fun as possible! Please make sure that you always check with a Staff member before using a Modification that may not be allowed.
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