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    20 Chunk Buffer Limit Rule

    What is a buffer?
    A buffer is the claims around your base, it is measured from the wall around your base outwards but does NOT include the base itself.

    How many walls are we allowed?
    A 20 chunk limit is 320 blocks in each direction from the base, or 160 genned walls.

    Past the 20 chunk buffer, you must leave 4 chunks unclaimed.

    Does it matter who claims the land?
    No. Regardless of who claims the land, the 20 chunk buffer limit is still in place, whether you own the claims around your base or not.

    Are there any exceptions?
    The only exception to this rule are cannons built outside the 20 chunk claim radius. Those who attempt to raid you are allowed to claim their cannons outside the opposing faction's buffer. However, any abuse made by the buffer owners to create alt factions and exploit this exception will lead to the following below...

    Note: mass-spamming claims around the base is not allowed, you are only allowed claims for the cannon itself and the walls which may surround the cannon.

    What happens if we break this rule?
    If your base has a higher buffer than 20 chunks, the following could happen depending on the situation:
    • You may be asked to unclaim land to leave a 4 chunk space following a 20 chunk buffer.
    • Your land may be unclaimed by an Admin.
    After being unclaimed, if a faction reclaims the land, they may be punished at the discretion of the Admins. This could include:
    • General punishment (warning or ban)
    • Further unclaim
    • Faction disbanded

    How do I report a faction breaking this rule?
    If you find a faction that has more than 20 chunk buffer, please submit a ban report.
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