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  1. MentalTrap

    MentalTrap Trailblazer

    May 10, 2017
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    Minecraft Username

    Have you had any previous In Game Names?:
    you know who i fucking am

    What type of punishment are you appealing?:
    plugin abuse and idk what that means

    Who muted/banned you?:

    What is the reason for the punishment?:
    abusing a plugin i gueas

    Why should this punishment be lifted?:
    cuz i have no idea how or why it happened, i was gonna get on and chill for a bit and it said i was banned on the 24th. the last time i logged on was the 7th tho

    How will this be prevented from happening again?:
    honestly have no clue how to avoid this
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  2. Zalbus

    Zalbus EarthLordPvP Owner
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    May 8, 2017
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    See? Wasn't hard to make an actual appeal. You were found to have abused /nick, however it is not under your normal IP address that you connect with (and not a VPN). You are not unbanned.

    Stick to the rules! :)
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