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Discussion in 'Official Information' started by Zalbus, Mar 26, 2018.

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    Greetings EarthLords

    As many may know, there are certain blocks that prevent users successfully complete a raid due to their unraidable properties. We have now implanted a rule that prevents these types of defenses from being constructed.

    All of the following items are illegal to use as a defense.

    Cacti, Enchantment tables, All variants of chests, Brewing stands, Anvils, lever, Cakes, SoulSand, torches, iron fences & regular fences.

    EarthLordPvP's definition of unraidable

    Not being able to be blown up by either TNT or through Creeper Eggs.

    EarthLordPvP's definition of semi-raidable

    Able to be either blown up by TNT but not through Creeper eggs (Applies vice versa)


    Being caught with these types of defenses will result in the immediate removal of the wall and the faction given a strike. Once a faction gains 3 strikes the faction will be disbanded. Each strike warning will be sent to the leader of the faction by a Moderator or higher and will be logged down by management. If the walls are being made by a single member of the faction (not the leader) we may change the punishments to that one player.

    Putting water or obsidian around your spawners

    Users are not allowed to put water or obsidian around there spawners. (this is usually a defense method for factions to protect their spawners in case any other faction gets into their base and tries to blow them up using creeper eggs)

    If you find a faction that are breaking these rules, please report them at

    If a faction has been striked for obbeying or watering their spawners and the management has removed them once, the faction will be disbanded without a pre-warning.

    NOTE: People are ALLOWED to place obsidian then a spawner in patterns going down just like the image replicating down below


    Using Genbuckets during an active raid

    The use of genbuckets during an active raid is not allowed to patch your walls. You may manually patch them but you cannot use genbuckets to patch your walls during a raid.
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