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Discussion in 'Under Consideration' started by Sakumotsu, Jan 23, 2018.

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    Righty-o, let's get started.
    I wanted to make some suggestions on the following subjects, I do apologise if it is not my place to have an opinion on these subjects, I will mainly cover certain commands on factions as a lot of commands are not availible to unranked players which I believe that they should be I will also be suggesting a plugin or two.

    I also would like to say something about the staff apllications, mainly about the requirements but all in general.

    Now, I have discovered that a lot of simple commands to do with factions are not available to the unranked player. Commands such as ./F Warp, to me that command is vital as in your claimed areas you can create warps which is an easier way to travel around to key points in the base or claimed area/s that are not near your main base. I am not too sure if ./F Setwarp Name is availible to the average player as well but this just sets the warp so both commands are needed for it all to function properly.

    I was quite surprised that flying inside of faction territory is not allowed so I find that this should be added to the unranked player's commands. I say this because it helps quite a lot especially when getting raided you should technically get the upper hand, if online, to be able to protect your claims. But it is also useful when building machines, farms, walls and much more in claimed areas or just to travel around. If you do not like the idea of it being available all of the time I have seen on other servers where if you vote then you are allowed to fly in faction territory for twelve hours, which is quite enough.

    I would also like to suggest the auction house plugin, which enables players to sell anything that they can obtain in the game which prevents scamming when selling these things to players. It is quite useful as it guarantees to be reliable so you can safely and efficiently sell multiple items to other players in the game. If what you actioned does not sell you get it back!

    There may be more faction commands that are not availible but I am still investigating.

    I do understand that I may not get an opinion on this as I am not a staff member but from previous experiences I would like to just share my view even if it may or may not be valid! My opinion is mainly on the requirements, which I do love it as there are minimal requirements so it gives you a wide range of applicants that fit the few requirements. But you might want to make it a little more detailed as it might make the outcome a little better. Now requirement one, "Your ban/mute/warn history must be either clean or relatively clean within the last month." I think that you should expand that to all servers in general and see if the person is honest enough to admit if they have had other punishments on different servers. I say this because they could've had a "Bad record" on a lot of other servers but on your server their behaviour has been exquisite! I think that you should add more basic requirements such as "You have to be active on the server for atleast a week." this just helps to seperate the people who just applied to gain the rank but then again you have a question on the application format which probably solves this problem. I am glad that you did not have this requirement on the list "Must have atleast ten Forum posts." the reason why I say this is because a lot of people post useless threads to pass the requirement, which I do admit to doing but it is just a pain to do. I would say that basic requirements such as "Can work in a team, is responsible, has a wide range of knowledge." are quite obvious but you may want to put them on there. But to be honest I am just babbling on, the requirements are perfectly fine to me but they might just need a little more detail and maybe add some basic requirements.

    I would like to say something about the "Grammar must be almost perfect." requirement / advice. Please remember that grammar only covers sentences making sense and nothing about punctuation or spellings. I have seen some great staff members who do have slight problems with their grammar but still do a remarkable job at staffing.

    I am just reviewing the format so I do not get anything wrong but now I see "You must have a minimum of 1 days playtime. (/playtime)" which is quite confusing as all of the requirements vary depending on the thread so maybe make sure that all requirements are in the Requirements thread or important points that are suggested to be requirements. It would be a good idea to add scenarios at the end of the application which test what the player would do and how they would explain it in a first person view. I have seen on many other application questions have included this and it does give you something else to judge them on such as quick thinking skills or how they would act in difficult senarios or pressuring ones. An example would be "You're the only staff member online, your rank is a Helper, a player reports to you that another player is hacking." or something more complex.

    I did have to remove some points I had came up with as I looked through all of the threads related to this and realised that I did not have to make a suggestion as it was already there or already happening.

    Now, I do apologise if I have gone over points that have already been dealt with or the suggestion was there in the first place. I hope that I have not made any mistakes.
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    You can use wings enchant to fly in faction land. This allows everyone to have a chance at getting fly and not have to buy it.
    This is coming soon!

    The rest of the suggestions will be moved to under consideration, thank you for your suggestions and please give us more!

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