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Hello Hello!

We are here at the end of May. That means 1 month left of School! Get ready for the summer!

| Crates

You might of wondered. Why we didn't have crates before. Now we do! Go to /warp crates or at /spawn and test your luck with one of our Epic crates! Don't worry it wont hurt!


Chance to win a Genbucket in Ultra! ;)
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Hello Hello!

As you noticed the forums has been upgraded with a New style and home page, We are working hard to make this server the best experience you have ever had!

| 40% Sale!
40% sale is on but won't be lasting much longer! Grab your store purchases now and get involved with owning our limited edition May Customs ( Chat titles Kits, And More )

| May Updates and changes.

We have added some stuff, What you may be asking? What about some new limited chat titles here they are:

  • #Harambe
  • #StaffAbuse
  • #L
  • #Rekted
  • #EzRaid
  • #NoHackz
  • #Pizza
  • #EzSplit
These chat titles will come out Monday at 8:00 PM Eastern ( Tonight )

| Head Hunter

We have added a plugin that will allow Players to have a chance to get Enemies heads when they kill them. This plugin will come out Saturday at 10:00 AM...
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The time of truth is here! Here are our new staff members. Please give them respect as you would to me or anyone else on the team. Give them a few days to settle in. Here is our list of new recruitments!

This player has showed great potential at being helper, welcome to the team!

Wow! This player has shown great potential as staff. From the application that got everyone in surprise to being there on the server and asked if we needed help! Welcome to the team !

| Now Our List Of Promotions |

These players have gone beyond what was asked and for this they have deserved a place on our promotions list for this month! Good luck to all and keep of the good work.

We all know who this guy is! He has shown so much change from when he first start. He has done so much for our community and has...
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Hello Hello!

We have recently experienced a full wipe of the server due to a Reason I cannot say, We have restored a lot of stuff in the past 48h. If you have a rank please contact me Via In-game, Discord, Or email us at

| New Community Manager

We have recently losted our Community Manager Due to him being a part of the reasons the Wipe, We have added a new Better CM, @GlobalPanda Give him a Nice GG If you see him! He is working very hard, He is also lead of Content Team.

| Forums Updates

As you noticed, Everything is back to Default, Just like the early days We are working on fixing all the Styles and Add-Ons back to normal, Should hopefully be done in a couple of days. Thank you for your patients With this un-Wanted Issue.

| Server In-game Changes / 3.0 Early

We have just had 3.0. We had to do it early due to the wipe, You will noticed a...
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Welcome everyone to our first forums announcement on our new forums! Time to discuss everything we need to catch up on !

New events in store! Our old events have been postponed, while our new ones will be stated below!

1st event: This Saturday at around 1:00 PST:
We are having a 3 hours competition event separated in 3 parts.
First part will be PvP- There will be around 8=10 people during this only one winner will come out of this though! It is kind of like gladiators, except it will be more tournament style, as you will face the same person at least twice. Here is how it will work; Each person will 1v1 everyone else at least twice, the winners from that will move onto Semi-Finals, where they will 1v1 the same people that made it yet again twice, then after that the same but it will go straight to finals, to shorten time. Winner of the event will be given the option of 3 things. (Remember you can only choose one and NO REFUNDS!!! First...
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