by Jyal at 9:15 PM
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Hello! Everyone the time has come and it is time for the staff wave to come. Please welcome all of the staff members and give them some time to get used to their new position and listen to them how you would listen to me or anyone else on the staff team. Enough talking. Here is our list of promotions, demotions.

This is the list of people who have been active and have proven themselves to be staff on our team. The following are the new recruitments of this staff wave.

@Kieran >> #Helper

@Zeezy >> #Helper


This is the list of players who have gone above and beyond...
by Zalbus at 12:56 PM
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Hi guys!,

Just wanted to give you a quick update on the situation that is currently going on. As you maybe are aware the network is currently going up and down. This is due to ISP's being DDoSed this is out of our control and we're doing our best to fix this.

This means that our web host / server host will be affected by this. leaving the server to be affected by this. It isn't just our server facing this. Many ISP's are being affected by this leaving almost every server with this Issue.

The issue at hand is a large amount of DDoS attacks pretty much strong enough to take down any server. The DDoS is so large it has caused other networks on the same backend network as us to lose players too, so hopefully that lets you know the extent of it..

Our providers are working on fixing this and getting this fixed ASAP. ( Remember this is not just one Provider ) I would like to personally apologize for this and will keep you updated as we make progress in the situation at hand.

by Zalbus at 10:47 AM
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Hey guys!

Welcome to the month of August! Another amazing month of updates & new features!
Let's jump into it!

| Kit GUI

Do /kit to open the GUI. You should see a GUI With your kits & locked kits!



| Augest Crates

We have a new crate! August crate. This is a limited crate so buy it while you can!

Or win it from a event! ;)



Every 2-3 months we have new chat titles. As some are limited. And some aren't going anywhere.

You can also win them via in the August crate. Or The Events this month.

  • #Grinder
  • #Titan
  • #Cannoner
  • #NoHacks
  • #Duel
  • #Loser
  • #FactionTop
  • #Voter
  • #LastMonth - LIMITED

If you were a Top voter. You will get a PM...
by Zalbus at 11:41 AM
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Hello Hello!

We have come to the time of the month again. The Staff wave. It's happening a bit earlier due to the fact we need good staff.

| Recruitment:

The time of truth is here! Here are our new staff members. Please give them respect as you would to me or anyone else on the team. Give them a few days to settle in. Here is our list of new recruitments!

YourAlright >>> Helper

LoudJuicyFart >>> Helper

[07/20] CatchTheRainbow >>> Admin

[07/20] Zalbi >>> Community Manager

| Promotions

These Staff have gone beyond what was asked and for this they have deserved a place on our promotions list for this month! Good luck to all and keep of the good work.

Zectri >>> Mentor
by Jyal at 6:50 PM
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| Hello Everybody! It has been a while since I have been on the team, so I hope you can reaccept me as the new Community Manager. A lot will change in the next few weeks as all the plugins will be vamped up and be at its best. Staff will have a ton of meetings and those who will be mentored will be mentored. |

But that is not what this announcement is about. As coming back from the past I had I hope to regain everyones trust and do what is best for the server. I will briefly explain what I will be doing as Community Manager for those who do not know

Meaning of Community Manager:
-The main point of having a Community manager is to have a manager specifically based on community aspects such as staff meeting, staff aspects, and ways to make the server more beneficial and fun to play on.

-Meeting setup and event setups: As a...
by Zalbus at 7:24 PM
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Hi guys!

We have added something amazing. Something game changing. Something the community has wanted. Could it be? Yes! That is correct! Custom enchants have been added to the Network

These Custom enchants have been Nerfed and some removed to make this not OP. Factions.

Do /ce to See this menu:


You can buy enchants. But there not very cheap. This is another way to make this server not OP Factions.

Don't like Custom enchants? No worries. These are not even close to cheap, Not matter how rich you are. Either way there is a 5 ENCHANT PER ARMOUR PIECE

The Enchants have a destroy rate. and Success rate. This can break your whole piece or if your lucky just that enchant.


Want to make the chances go up? Or protect from it being broken? Use Magical Fixing Dust. Or White Scrolls

If you use a white scroll you...
by Zalbus at 6:55 PM
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Hi Guys!

We have done Some AMAZING Changes to the EarthLordPvP Network, Like I said there is going to be HUGE Changes this summer! #HYPE

| New Website Design

You already noticed, We have a Epic new Website Design, But I'll show you some features you maybe didn't know about this new theme. You will see if you scroll down to the button of the page some information about us.


Go explore have some fun!

| Event: Fall of The Nether Titan Commanders

Yes! A New Event. This event is basically: There are 2 teams. Max is 4. Each going into a ship. You will be randomly put with a team member if you have a team of 4. Please put it down in the comments. If you have a team of less. Put it down below so we can consider it if no one else wants to join. If you don't want to be with someone else and put randomly. Don't comment your IGN...
by Zalbus at 9:27 AM
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Hi guys!

I am so excited to announce this update. And the more coming this summer! #HYPE. This is just a little introduction to the big updates!

| Hub.

We have added a Hub! Yep. A Hub. We will now expand soon into more Gamemodes. The more donations the sooner this can happen! Buy a rank / Perk at

NEW IP: Please use

Open that compass to see a ton of servers / Realms ( Soon ) Currently we have 1 realm. This wonderful land of Titans is called Adaria.


Maybe your board? Want to have some fun in the hub? Dance around have some pets and play some music? Open that Nether star and have fun!


Once we get more donations coming in and we grow. We will add minigames. Roleplaying servers. Cannoning, More Factions Realm. & More #HYPE ! :)...
by Zalbus at 6:35 PM
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Hi guys!

it's everyone's favourite time again! Where we annouce our new Staff members! And demotions! Sadly No one was promoted this wave! Keep working hard Staff!

We are back to Staff waves! Every month there will be a announcement (Like this one) On the first day of the month. We may do one in the middle. But we try to do one every month on the first.

Note: Your application can be put on hold to the staff wave. Or denied at anytime

| July Recruitment

These New staff members have proven there self's Worthy and loyal to EarthLordPvP Staff team! These staff may not be on the team for a bit due to SERIOUS Training ( Depends on there past Moderation )

We've unfortunately had to deny a large amount of applications with vague reasons. The reason for this is because a lot of them were relatively old and un-checked, this means that a lot of people potentially weren't still interested. We urge anyone denied that feels ready to re-apply. In the...
by Zalbus at 2:00 PM
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Hi Guys!

With the month of July coming up. We have Some Huge updates with the starting of this month. Don't worry this summer will have a TON Of Updates!

| Faction Fly

We have added Faction Fly with the map reset. buy it at Under Limited Section.

This perk will also tell you when a enemy is near by, When your in combat. Or when your flying. Just use /fly to turn it on and off.


We have added Duels! Yes that's right. Your...
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