by Zalbus at 7:47 PM
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We have released a new end! Go to /warp end to check it out! I shall explain all the new stuff and how this will work,

| Boss

The Bosses will spawn around the warzone It will announce the coords that is spawns at. Same rules as before as now they have a bit more room to use there amazing powers!

| End updates

You will now be able to build in the end but wait! Don't worry You cannot get to the void as flat bedrock below you and a bedrock boarder The end is 8000 x 8000. You will not be able to get to the void so do not worry about void bases.


Go check out the end! Maybe make you're base there! :eek:

We feel we should add this as it gives you more of a hiding spot to hide you're base, the end doesn't have all this bumpy land and the end is only 60 blocks deep!

Enjoy! :)
by Zalbus at 8:42 PM
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Hi guys! What an eventful month! Our first other gamemode has been released, and while we are still fixing certain bugs, as expected of a new gamemode.

| Top Voters

Starting this month we will be keeping track of top voters and give coupons! Get voting!

| Staff Changes

Before we get into promotions, there's a couple of small changes,

All staff are also no longer restricted to have matching nickname colors with their tag -- the only requirements being that their names must be a visible color.

Without further ado, our staff changes of the month! The following promotions will be made to our staff team this month. Their ranks will be added once they accept their new responsibilities via PMs over the forums ( if not already )

by Zalbus at 8:41 PM
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Even mountains can fall but the descendants of the titans will remain. It is your task as heroes to keep there legacy. A Fresh gust of air through the opening of something big! could it mean? Yes. A Map reset! Assemble your faction, appoint your alliances, and prepare to take control of this new season! But wait.. things have changed. Read this post for more information!

Important Dates
EarthlordPvP Factions
will open again the following date and time:

Saturday 7th October 2017
8:00 AM Eastern / 2:00 PM UTC / 5:00 AM PST

We feel factions has died down due to Skyblock and factions needs some work, We will be revamping factions and resetting it to make new players come and join!

Reset Details
What you will lose:
  • In-game money
  • mcMMO levels
  • Inventory items
  • Enderchest items
  • Vault items
  • Homes...
by Zalbus at 9:07 AM
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Hi guys! Time has flown us by and it is time for the Skyblock release, But first we have some changes to the faction realm!

| 20-Chunk Claim Buffer

No longer can large factions claim half the map in chunk buffers to protect their bases. In simplest terms: a 20-chunk radius limit will now be applicable to all bases. Factions are not allowed to claim more than 20 chunks from the center of their base, meaning that regardless of reason, there cannot be over 40 chunks claimed consecutively by the same faction, or that faction's alts and alliances.

If you see factions that are breaking this rule, please report in the reports section. From the moment this announcement is made, 24 hours will be given for players to settle their buffers. Factions will be warned for their first offence, then action will be taken - including forceful unclaiming of land, temporary bans, and even disbanding of factions who repeatedly break this rule.

We are aware...
by Zalbus at 7:26 PM
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Hi guys!

This is the information for our BETA For the 1.0 Skyblock realm.

Your role as a beta tester is to try and find as many bugs as possible. Despite the amount of work put in, there are still little things that the management may have missed here and there - that's where you guys come in. You play a very big role in making sure the next few months of gameplay is fair and fun for all players involved - that's a big role!

It is your responsibility to report all and any bugs or exploits that you find IMMEDIATELY to a staff member, even if it's just a suspicion. Anyone caught abusing these bugs, for "testing" or otherwise, will be subject to punishment.
Players enter as per normal players would in the real Skyblock for the first 12 hours, Then infinite money will be given for the other 12 hours.

Since this is beta, do expect bugs, of which...
by Zalbus at 12:55 PM
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Hello! Everyone the time has come and it is time for the staff wave to come. Please welcome all of the staff members and give them some time to get used to their new position and listen to them how you would listen to me or anyone else on the staff team. Enough talking. Here is our list of our new recruits, new promotions and sadly demotions!


These people have worked very hard to join the team and prove they are loyal. Please give them a nice warm welcome!

Kyus (Player) ---> (Helper)

Chill_HD (Player) ----> (Helper)



These staff members have worked very hard and have been rewarded with a promotion! Please congrats them on the promotion if you see them!

RemarkableHD (Player) ---> (Admin)

Scarous (Player) ----> (Admin)...
by Nurdeh at 11:49 AM
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Greetings EarthLordPvP,

My name is Nurdeh, and I am the new Community Manager of EarthLordPvP!

What is a Community Manager, and what do they do?

As a Community Manager I will be in charge of many things. Here is some of my responsibilities:

Advertising: As a Community Manager, I will try my best to grow the community by advertising. I will be posting the server on various forums, server lists, and much more! Advertising is essential to building a successful server and community, and I will try my best to grow the community in count and in spirit.

Applications: People are always posting applications on server forums. It will be part of my job to review these applications, and decide if they are accepted or denied. I will try my best to go into depth why I accepted or denied your application, so there isn't any confusion. I will be going through...
by Zalbus at 7:05 PM
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Hi guys!

It's been a wild ride this past month! All the new things that have happened! And don't you dare think it's coming to a end! We are just getting started!

| Top Voters
What would a monthly announcement be without us recognizing the Top Voters of the last month? Let's put our hands together for the Top Voters of August!

  • 1st: Torvoid // Zectri ($50 coupon)
  • 2nd Scarous ($20 coupon)
  • 3rd JusRyder ($10 coupon_

To all of the dedicated players above who have put in the extra effort to keep our server at the top: Please send me a PM to claim your voting prize within 48 hours, mentioning your in-game username.

| Staff changes

Of course we have our monthly staff wave! This one is very...
by Justin at 8:31 PM
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Greetings EarthLordPvP Members,
If some of you don't know me, I'm Justin. My In-Game name is "Amateurly".
Vehqzi & I have been closely keeping watch of the Server, And we approached Zalbus with a deal and he accepted.
Anyways, Vehqzi will be our lead Developer and I will be the Network Administrator.

Vehqzi will be working on multiple things such as:
Anti-Cheat fixes (In the near future potentially?)
*./Freeze Plugin
*Bug Fixes
*And a bunch of other things

I will personally be working on many things:
*Fixing loose ends with the Reviewer Team, Perfecting it to it's best ability.
*Keeping an Overview of the Staff Team, Keeping them all in line to say the very least.
*Making sure the Server stays on decent ends in-general
*Recruiting, Promoting, and Demoting Staff Members.
*And a bunch of other things

I'm sincerely looking forward to working with each and everyone of you.
Amateurly | Justin.
by Zectri at 6:06 PM
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Hello EarthLords! Today I bring you another staff update and new staff members, along with a demotion. Please welcome and congratulate these members who excelled themselves during their time on the team.

Please welcome this new member to the team!
@CombatStrikz (Player) -> (Helper)

These staff members have excelled in their works, and have proved themselves on the team.
@Kieran (Helper) -> (Mentor)
@Zeezy (Helper) ->...
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