The Complete Factions Guide For EarthLordPvP (NOT MADE BY ME)

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    Basic explanation -

    Factions is a plugin that allows you to make teams or clans to compete with other factions to see who comes out on top! Factions is an AMAZING plugin in my opinion, I haven't played a server without it. You can invite people to your faction to fight other factions, or build your base, so they basically become teamates. With your teamates or by your self, you can claim land to make it where nobody else can break or place anything in your land. However somebody can claim over your land to where they can basically take over your whole land and everything in it. But if your careful, that will never happen!
    Also you can ally and enemy other factions to know who your friends and foes are. Also note you cannot attack your allies also you cannot do anything in their land like enemys can. So allying wont put your base at stake.
    Neutral factions are factions you havent met or haven't done anything with. You cannot attack a neutral faction in thier own land, so if you are looking to kill and over take there base remember to /f enemy {faction name} them!
    Enemy factions are faction you want to knock out and make them quit the server! You can /f enemy {faction name} then if they did you wrong or tryed killing you or people you just dont like! If you are in a enemys faction land attacking them all your attacks are reduced by 30% always note that when going into a battle! Try and drag them into your land to have the advantage!

    Power explanation -

    Power is basically how strong your faction is, you get power from being online, and killing things. You lose power from dieing.
    You use your power to claim land to protect your chests, furnaces, blocks, everything in that area!
    However, if you own more land than you have power as a combined faction somebody could come over and claim over your land to steal everything you have in that area! So be careful on how much you claim and always look over your power to make sure you have a good ratio of your power to land claimed! As long as you know that, you should be good with keeping your items, chests etc.!

    Faction commands -

    All faction commands begin with a /f!

    /f help Shows you all the commands for factions plug in.
    /f list Shows you a list of all the faction in the server
    /f who [Faction name] Gives you information about that faction, such as their members, their land claimed, their power, and their allies and enemies
    /f power Shows your power
    /f power [Player name] Shows that players power
    /f join [Faction name] Joins that faction
    /f leave Leaves your current faction
    /f c f Faction chat to only chat with people in your faction
    /f c a Chat with people you are allied to
    /f c p Public chat
    /f home Teleports to your faction hom
    /f create [Faction name] Creates a new faction
    /f desc [Desc] Creates a description for your faction
    /f tag [New name] Changes your faction name
    /f open [Yes, No] Changes whether your faction needs an invite to join
    /f inv [Player name] Invites a player to your faction
    /f deinv {player name] Deactivates a current invite
    /f sethome Set a home to wheres players in your faction teleports when you type /f home!
    /f home Teleports where a admin or mod set the faction home
    /f claim , To claim that peice of land you are standing on.
    /f unclaim Unclaims that peice of land
    /f autoclaim It claims no matter where you walk
    /f unclaimall Unclaims all your faction land
    /f kick [Users name] Kicks that user
    /f mod [users name] Makes a user in your faction a moderator which allows them to claim/unclaim land, Invite members, kick users, and make factions enemy ally or neutral
    /f admin [users name] Gives leadership to a member
    /f title [users name] [title] Gives a title to a member that people can view in /f who or in faction chat
    /f map Shows all factions around that area
    /f disband Disbands your faction
    /f ally [faction name] If both factions agree, you can ally a faction to where you cant hurt them anywhere and become friends with them
    /f neutral[faction name] If both factions agree, you can neutral a faction to where you can hurt them anyways exept a safezone and their own territory
    /f enemy [faction name] Type this in to enemy a faction, to where you can hurt them anywhere exept for a safezone. Just note, your damage is reduced by 30% inside thier territory

    If i forgot any please comment them [​IMG]

    Chapter Two - Getting started

    Getting your supplies -

    When you first join a server your biggest priority is finding supplies and gathering them right? Well dont go right at it off of spawn, run at least 1000 blocks away from spawn kill some pigs and cows and get your hunger bar up then thats when you gather some wood and then work for some iron etc.
    I would make your self a set of iron armour and a iron sword ASAP incase any mobs come try and kill you or any players would think it would be funny to kill a new guy, and once your strike diamond the first thing you are going to make is a a diamond sword! forget the pickaxe forget the shovel forget the armour, a sword is the very first diamond item you make! Trust me, it is wayyy better than iron and well worth it!
    Once you get your bearings its time to make a base, whether its temporary or permanent, it is a crutial part of these kind of servers!

    Getting into a faction -

    Now, factions could be taking in new members, or inviting people in only to kick them and take all thier items, so be very careful when picking a faction to join!
    What I always do on a new server is make my own faction claim my base and work my way up the ranks to become a very powerful then along the way i make some allies and add them on skype and start talking, once we get to trust eachother i decide to combine factions with them to make an even powerful unit and have a buddy to raid and take over the server with! And work from there
    On personal expirence I do would not join large factions unless they organize it really well and have a tough way to get in, and they are a very powerful faction, but factions that just let anybody WILL get raided and turn to nothing in a matter of hours.
    Just remeber to be careful who you let into your faction or what faction you join!

    Chapter Three - Making your base


    Different bases -

    1. Obsidian base!


    Pros -
    Almost unraidable without claiming
    Nice base to lay low and keep your items safe

    Cons -
    Really hard to make farms, and you have to leave your base to collect wood
    Limited space

    2. Sky base


    Pros -
    You can design it to look like a cloud and blend it in!
    You can be camoflagued in the air and not that many people look for bases in the sky!

    Cons -
    Limited room
    Shadow on the floor

    3. DO NOT make a base like this EVER!!!


    Pros - NONE

    Cons -
    You will get raided so easily
    You will be Tntd
    You will be killed
    You will not win.

    Things to know about bases -

    Watch out for bases like this!


    Bases like this will make you die and lose all your items so be careful on what you do!

    When you make your base just remember those different base ideas up there ^. Those aren't the only safe bases, they are just the ones i recommend and are easy to make, and are really safe!
    ALWAYS claim your base before you leave it and right after you place a block down!

    Chapter four - Trust

    DO NOT TRUST ANYONE! Only trust your rl friends and people you have been talking to for weeks and they dont ask for a tp into your base, Don't trust people so easily because people do not care if you quit the server or if you rage, they just want your items!
    I do not trust anybody in a server, just my irl friends and i have never ever been raided, EVER so its working pretty well for me.
    If you get anything out of this tutorial it is to NOT TO TRUST ANYONE!!! I can't emphasize that enough. I raided hundreds of people from getting there trust then just stealing everything they own.. It's easy.

    Chapter Five - Review

    To sum up everything, the faction plug in is a plugin that allows you to make teams and go against other ones to see who comes out on top!! It's a complex plug in but sooo much fun! My favorite one of all time!!

    10. Tips -
    1. Don't Trust People you don't know!

    2. Build your base at least 10,000 blocks out!

    3. Take not of my base ideas and utilize them

    4. Watch out for traps

    5. Never ever! tp anybody near or in your base!

    6. Be careful what faction you join or who you invite to your own

    6. Make iron armour and a diamond sword as soon as you can!!

    7. Run at least 1,000 blocks from spawn before gathering supplies

    8. If you join a faction, DO NOT bring all your stuff with you, make a secondary base and keep everything there because they might kill you and try and take your stuff, but they can't if you have it hidden somewhere

    9. Do not Pvp without enchantments and potions, because you will get demolished :b

    10.Get one of your irl friends or get someone on the server to talk to you on skype, you don't have to join ther fac, but it makes the game more interesting to play and if your ever in deep trouble you always got someone to help you out, or you have a raiding buddy! [​IMG]

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