July Announcement, Server Changes, Future Plans, & more

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    Greetings EarthLords!

    We have just officially started summer! We have big things planned for this network for summer & the rest of the year! We are thinking of new features, fixing bugs & listening to the community. I'd like to personally give a HUGE thank you to everyone who has remained & played on EarthLordPvP & has supported us along the whole way of this network & will continue to support us in the future. We think of the community all the time & love every single one of you.

    New Hub

    Thanks to @Scarous, We have a new server hub that fills into the theme better. The hub is still currently being fixed as it was updated to a newer core version of the plugin we use. We are still working on gadgets & other making the hub better.


    New Crates

    We have worked on getting crates ready from the start of the map & we have fixed ALL bugs with them. The crates no longer will scam you out of your reward & will give you your correct reward every time. If you do have any suggestions or bug reports please tell a staff member!

    NOTE - Legendary crate is experiencing issues & should be up and working later today.


    Future Plans

    As I said before, we have huge plans for this network. We are working very hard on advertisement, updates, and making you have a fun time on EarthLordPvP Network. If you have suggestions or bug reports or anything that you want changed, please post them on the forums or tell a staff member. We want to listen to the community & we want the community feedback

    HEX Bosses

    We have new bosses that will drop gear & other loot when killed. They will spawn at a random time (normally every 6h but can spawn more) A broadcast will go off in chat and will say the location of the boss. We are working on adding these boss eggs to shop, crates & more.

    NOTE - The autospawn on these bosses are a bit buggy. If they do not spawn within a long period of time please tell a staff member.

    Over the next few weeks, we will have updates & changelogs coming out a ton! Again if you got any suggestions please tell a staff member!

    Also, welcome @Issey as a Helper on the network!

    - Zalbus
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