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    Greetings everyone!

    We have been working very hard on getting this update released for you guys! As the update has finally been finished it is now released for everyone to play & enjoy! Read this announcement for more details of the update.

    Faction Upgrades

    Faction upgrades allows you to upgrade your faction via In-game money. You can buy more EXP drops in your claim, spawner drops, and more. You may be asking "what is the point in /f rankup" Faction rankup has more perks like saving your spawners when you mine with a silktouch, effects & more.


    Faction Stealth

    This feature allows you to be in stealth mode, you will have to pay a fine of $10000 while in stealth mode. You will not appear on /near & the distance that enemies fly gets turned off is lower. Any faction can go in stealth mode anytime to raid people. However TNT sounds can still be heard. We are adding a feature making claims invisible as well and will appear very soon!


    Faction Warps

    As suggested, we have added Faction warps to the server. You can set a /f warp allowing anyone to go to that warp in your faction. You can have warps such as "farm, raid" & more. You will need to buy more faction warps in the upgrades menu.


    Faction Checkpoint

    We have added a checkpoint system. A faction checkpoint. This is like faction home however, the land does not need to be claimed in order to set a checkpoint. This means a checkpoint can be set anywhere expect for in enemy land. Only 1 checkpoint can be set at a time.


    Here is a list of the smaller but good updates we've added!

    • Added a whole redesigned faction help menu.
    • Added more stuff to the spawn area
    • Added warnings when items and mobs will be cleared.
    • Added new broadcast messages
    • Added commands to be won from cluescrolls and soon coming to crates
    • Minor changes.
    We have way more updates coming very soon over the next few weeks. #HYPE

    If you have any suggestions, please let us know.
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