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    Greetings EarthLords!

    Even mountains can fall but the descendants of the titans will remain. It is your task as heroes to keep there legacy. A Fresh gust of air through the opening of something big! could it mean? Yes. A Map reset! Assemble your faction, appoint your alliances, and prepare to take control of this new season! But wait.. things have changed. Read this post for more information!
    here's an overview of what will be announced in this post:

    • Faction Top Rewards
    • Our Future Plans
    • What's New
    • Reset Release Date
    The server will close at:

    Saturday March 24th 2018
    9:00 AM Eastern / 3:00 PM UTC / 6:00 AM PST

    What you will lose:
    • In-game money
    • mcMMO levels
    • Inventory items
    • Enderchest items
    • Vault items
    • Homes
    • Bases/land
    • Faction data
    What you will keep:
    • Donator Ranks
    • Special Kits
    • Titles
    • Purchased add-ons

    New realm revamp

    You will be playing on a new realm, the Evala realm. This is the realm of EarthLordPvP for you adventures to go and adventure.


    This realm was previously known as the Kanium realm.

    Faction Top Rewards

    Factions top rewards will be higher this season. Here is a list of the rewards coming out for this season.

    • 1st Place Faction:
      • $100.00 Store Gift Card
      • Global Title of their faction's name (in gold)
    • 2nd Place Faction:
      • $50.00 Store Gift Card
      • Global title of their faction's name (in silver)
    • 3rd Place Faction:
      • $30.00 Store Gift Card
    What's New

    Here is a changelog of everything you can expect to see in this reset.

    • New realm name and features
    • New envoy system and rewards
    • Head hunter system (sell player heads for money)
    • Revamp to shop, adding more blocks and items.
    • Revamp to crates, making them more worth it with way more rewards.
    • Complete revamp to the Helios boss.
    • New perks added to the store.
    • Genbuckets can now be bought from a GUI.
    • Flat bedrock
    • New custom enchants will be added.
    • New faction fly system.
    • Truces will now be available to everyone.
    • Commands and more will be won from crates. (temporarily)
    • Revamp to /f perm adding more options.
    • Mobs have chances to drop special items, (example: Creepers now have a chance on dropping TNT on death)
    • Helios eggs can be bought off the store and only able to be spawned at /warp end.
    • Cluescroll rewards have been revamped.
    • Added new warps and builds.
    • New auras (particle effects) which can be bought off store or won from crates & cluescrolls.
    • Faction members will take 30 days to be removed instead of 14 days. (thanks to @ProSavage)
    • Custom enchant limit will be 7 instead of 5.
    • New kits will be added, you can get these kits off the store or in special events.
    • New rule changes.
    • Jellylegs have been added as an enchant, they do not work all the time and has a chance to save your fall.
    • Outposts will be revamped with new names and perks.
    • Faction banners
    • Faction co-leaders
    Some new things may be added.
    Rule Updates

    1. Faction Insiding

    Insiding is when a player manipulates a faction into gaining their trust to have access inside of the base. The player then proceeds to raid the faction's base with malicious intent.

    Although insiding may be considered part of factions, it significantly affects the longevity of a map and requires no real skill.

    1st Offence: Permanent ban

    Due to how factions work, insiding can never be 100% stopped. However this rule will hopefully lower your chances of being insided. However if you do get insided your base will not be repaired by an Admin. Any damage done will remain. Also, we will only punish in cases of malicious intent. This means they want to cause harm to the faction. This is at the discretion of management. Factions caught doing this may also be disbanded and be removed from winning /f top.

    2. Illegal Cannons

    If you are using any variant of an auto-cannon or using their sand plates/compactors will result in an immediate ban on all parties involved. It undermines the spirit of the game and player interaction/involvement. This means any auto-cannon or using their sand plates/compactors is not allowed.

    Punishment may change. If the cannon has done no damage at all to the base, everyone who was involved will be let off with a warning. However if the cannon has been used and has cause damage to the base, the punishment may be a warning still (depending on the damage) or a ban or disband. If the faction fully raided the base, You will be banned from the network for 30 days, your faction will also be disbanded. If the leader was the only one involved, he may pick a moderator to serve as the faction leader, however the loot taken from the base will be returned to the faction who got raided.


    Future plans

    The network has not been on it's best lately. However starting now we are changing that. We are working on hiring managers who care about the network and will help the network. We are open to what the community wants to have added or changed in the network, please send me or a staff member the idea you have.

    The server will be getting updates almost weekly if not weekly, these updates may be small including bug fixes but some may be big.

    Let's create the next big thing together!
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