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  1. OGStrafer2k16
    On Minecraft Active On EarthLordPvP
  2. Issey
    *Unable to write down a non-self depricating or depressive status thus inserting this*
  3. xMarzia
    baby girl
  4. Samuel87828
    If you're in need of assistance, contact me in discord: PvP_Lord101#3348
  5. MoFarah
    MoFarah realDonaldTrump
    There's two sides to the moon, one side which is dark, and the other which shines.
  6. realDonaldTrump
    realDonaldTrump Scarous
    Congrats on admin!
  7. realDonaldTrump
  8. Zalbus
    We have a lot planned over the next year stay tuned for amazing updates!
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  9. Pakarakachinus
    Im back and applying again , I love to say sorry to everyone for being a dick
  10. Newootgamer
    Requested to be Helper
  11. realDonaldTrump
    Updates coming soon!
  12. Comping
    Hi my name is Comping and welcome to my profile
  13. BectoPvP
  14. Lasper
    Lasper- Last Whisper ~
  15. BectoPvP
    It`s my B-Day :D
  16. MoFarah
    6am these thots, 6am my watch.
  17. BectoPvP
    Wasup Everyone
  18. Kooper Ayers
    Kooper Ayers
    Hello guys what could really help me put right now is if you went and read my app if u liked it disagree with the denial i wont disappoint u
  19. Kooper Ayers
    Kooper Ayers
    Just got denied
  20. WickedSillyDrew
    Back on the rise :D
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    2. Lasper
      Welcome back buddy. ~
      Apr 22, 2018
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