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  1. ShroudKing_PvP
  2. xGalaxyss
    xGalaxyss Zalbus
    Hey I cant see how do make a helper app !
    1. Zalbus
  3. oruaxaxol
    Living life to the fullest. :)
  4. wyatt
    wyatt Zalbus
    how do i app for staff
    1. Zalbus
      go to helper applications and apply.
      Aug 27, 2018
  5. TheGamingHD
  6. TheGamingHD
    TheGamingHD Zalbus
    It woN'T LET me make a thread
  7. TheGamingHD
    TheGamingHD Zalbus
    How do i apply?????
  8. taez
    I'll be inactive for a bit. D:: I'll be back soon!! :))
  9. Zalbus
    Big updates coming out this week and for the rest of the summer!
  10. ezb
    Going to be inactive for a while, yiikes!
  11. TehMeow
  12. TehMeow
    TehMeow SpiritFall
    I copied on purpose but changed it to my words from Taez application who got accepted and I got denied. Why was I denied? My app was almost exactly the same as his.... poor just popr
    1. Zalbus
      her* Taez is a girl.

      You copied someone application, of course you'll be denied. The application is also only 60% off the choice we made. We watch in-game actions & activity as well.
      Jul 27, 2018
  13. taez
    Stay positive, no matter what happens!
  14. Unknown
  15. Lia
  16. Mekzo
    im gay
    1. Mekzo
      what about you guys?
      Jun 26, 2018
  17. Lia
    Follow me on the gram @TheLiaVang
  18. Abby4142
    Abby4142 ezb
    whats your Discord?
    1. ezb likes this.
    2. ezb
      , solo#7461
      Jun 23, 2018
    3. Zalbus
  19. BlankSpaceHere
  20. Lia
    Rip Jahseh
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