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Faction Top Results

The factions that have one the coupon for the end of 2017 fought very hard. These are the final winners

  1. Vikings | $127,138,670.88 - $150.00 Coupon BB (giving coupon to Moderators of the faction)
  2. Pride | $99,576,473.08 - $100.00 Coupon BB
  3. Vertigo | $91,795,740.606 - $50.00 Coupon BB

The faction top rewards will continue monthly into 2018! The rewards will be a lot less then the current one.

  1. $50.00 Coupon BB
  2. $20.00 Coupon BB
  3. $10.00 Coupon BB
Top Voters

It's the end of the month which means we announce the top voters for this month, well done to all of you that have been voting hard to keep the server thriving, think of this as a gift from us to you for your hard work and dedication, Merry Christmas!

  1. VapeNqtion - $50.00 Coupon
  2. Sittings - $20.00 oupon
  3. Lushiel - $10.00 Coupon
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Even mountains can fall but the descendants of the titans will remain. It is your task as heroes to keep there legacy. A Fresh gust of air through the opening of something big! could it mean? Yes. A Map reset! Assemble your faction, appoint your alliances, and prepare to take control of this new season! But wait.. things have changed. Read this post for more information!

Skyblock will be getting a revamp including a reset. We will redesign Skyblock with new spawn, shops, features and more! We do not want to give it all away to you just yet! :)

We will give teasers on our Discord in the coming days! Please join at

Saturday 23nd December 2017
10:00 AM Eastern / 4:00 PM UTC / 7:00 AM PST

This is when the revamp will be finished and released to the public. Skyblock is currently closed.

What you will lose:
  • In-game money
  • mcMMO levels...
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Merry Christmas! With Christmas coming up very soon we are working very hard on adding many updates! :)

| Spawner Changes

There was a huge update that released on Factions and soon to be Skyblock, This update allows you to upgrade spawners, get spawners from killing mobs, and more!

You can upgrade spawners with EXP, Or money. Upgrading a spawner will allow it to spawn more mobs in. It will also have more blast resistance.


We have fixed a lot of bugs recently!

  • Fixed lag issues
  • Fixed donator ranks sometimes not going through
  • Added more spawners to the spawnershop.
  • Fixed cannon issues.
| Factions event

We are holding a event on the factions realm, You will need to make your base the most Christmas themed possible. Please make sure to...
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It's that time of the year again, can you hear the sleigh bells ringing? Get your island and your bases ready, this month will be one of the best months yet!


| Top Voters

It's the end of the year which means the end of the top voters, well done to all of you that have been voting hard to keep the server thriving, think of this as a gift from us to you for your hard work and dedication, Merry Christmas!

@Issey - $50.00 coupon
@SavagePoiint - $20.00 coupon
@Lushiel - $10.00 coupon

| Snowny maps

Can you feel it? All this snow? There is snow everywhere!

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Hi guys!

We’ve been hard at work here at EarthLordPvP, we have new content that has released today. We have more content coming and we hope you guys enjoy what we are bringing to EarthLordPvP. Read below to find out everything that has been released and everything we have planned to release later!


We've added a new pet system. Do /pet to open a menu with a ton of options!


Once you place your pet down, you have the ability to left click it. This will open another menu with Item Storage, rename and more. Donators have the ability to ride there pets with full control over it

NOTE: Items will be removed from the storage once you log off, or despawn the pet.


This feature was added to factions, We've made a ton of changes to allow it to also be added to skyblock. If you wish to view more information about...
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Hello everyone, if you didn't know already, I'm Flipora.

I will be staying here for a LONG time. I have heard about the troubles you guys have been having with previous CM's, and you have my word that I will do the best in my power to erase that stereotype. I plan on growing this server's player count to make the server more fun for YOU, and we are going to be thinking of new features to include in the server to make it more interesting. I am going to handle staff applications/the staff team, but I will not be bias, so don't try to talk to me in discord and get me to like you if you're only doing it to get staff, because I might not even look at your name on your application until I have made my decision to whether you are accepted or denied.

If you have any suggestions, I am active on forums and would always love to see what you think would be a good addition to our server. I will almost always respond if you tag me on discord, so if you have a question and I'm not in game, I...
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We've added a cool update for you to enjoy on our network! Read this post for more information.

| ClueScrolls

ClueScrolls is a feature we've added that will allow you to get a scroll using /cluescroll. Once you buy the scroll you will right click and you will get a scroll. The scroll will have missions for you to go on, but for a big reward (depending on the type of school)

Once you buy a scroll you will need to open it for the real scroll


The amount of Clues or missions you need to do will depend on the type of scroll you get. (common, special, ultra or legendary)

If you complete one, it will cross it out on the scroll so you know what you've done. (The scroll can be put in a chest but players are not able to take it if a clue has been finished)


Once you've completed all the clues, it will open...
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Hello guys! We had a amazing and fun month of October. I hope you had a fun Halloween. Let's get into the details of this month! :)

| Top Voters

  1. @Issey ($100 coupon)
  2. @TehReaperKing ($50 coupon)
  3. @Zalbus ($20 coupon) - I will be giving the top voter of this month the coupon.
  4. @vapenqtion ($5 coupon)

| Staff Changes

Without further ado, our staff changes of the month! The following promotions will be made to our staff team this month. Their ranks will be added once they accept their new responsibilities via PMs over the forums (if not already)

by Kyus at 9:25 PM
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Hello there EarthlordPvP community and staff,

My name is Kyus and I have recently been promoted to Manager for the network. I know this is sort of a sudden change and will take some getting used to, but I promise you all that I am very qualified to hold this position.

The main reason why I was promoted, is because EarthlordPvP as a whole just needs more management. I will be focusing mainly on the community as a whole, gathering information on what you guys would like to see come to the Network to make it a more enjoyable place to be. I will also be focusing on an advertisement plan for Network as a whole to bring more players and increase our small community.

I will also be focusing on maintaining and improving the EarthlordPvP staff team. I have noticed sort of a lack in certain areas of staffing, and I will be sure all those problems will be addressed.

If you have anymore questions for me, please feel free to contact me directly or even post your questions below and I will...
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Hello hello!

We added a new feature that allows you to change you're username! You no longer need to contact a staff member to change your username!

Your username can only be changed once every 30 days!

| How to change my username?

Press you're name near alerts and inbox.

Click "change username"

Then put the username you want to be changed to.

Confirm the change.

You can also view the history of someone's usernames by going on there profile and clicking "Username history"


NOTE: All username changes have to go through moderation.
  • About Us

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