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Hello! I'm here to bring you a list of the most recent changes to the servers. Please report any bugs or suggestions to any staff members.

There has been a huge change done with the server, please read all of them below.
  • Any and all placement and or breaking of blocks beyond the border is prevented.
  • Any use of blockflow(water/lava) and use of blockflow buckets beyond the border is canceled.
  • *TNT and Entities within the border automatically despawn.
  • Stops Falling Entities within the border.
  • You cannot enderpearl outside of the world border.
  • When a TNT cannons shoots it will delete certain items(Cactus, Fences, Stained Glass Pane, Thin Glass, Sugarcane) in its path.
  • Cobwebs cannot be stacked. (Place on top of each other)
  • *Fixes Dupes
  • *Fixes Enderpearl Glitching
  • More Patches (Irondoor, Hoe, Item Drop Speed)
  • Distance Patches (Closes inventory...
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Greetings EarthLords

Hello hello, summer went by so fast, it's already September! We have lots planned for the this month. We will be working on fixing all bugs, adding all community suggestions and making this server a very amazing place to be.

30% off Back to school sale

Monthly Crates

We have added a new monthly crates system, every month there will be a new crate added. These crates can be bought off the store and can be won out of events & more. These crates contain very amazing loot that make them very worth it and very valuable to have.



They give you more than one reward as shown in the picture above. A new crate will be put out every month...
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Greetings EarthLords

Even mountains can fall but the descendants of the titans will remain. It is your task as heroes to keep there legacy. A Fresh gust of air through the opening of something big! could it mean? Yes. A Map reset! Assemble your faction, appoint your alliances, and prepare to take control of this new season! But wait.. things have changed. Read this post for more information!
here's an overview of what will be announced in this post:

The server will be closed for the reset on

Friday August 24th 2018
9:00 AM Eastern / 3:00 PM UTC / 6:00 AM PST

We plan to release the server on Saturday, 3pm EST (delay announcements will be announced in the Discord)

What you will lose:
  • In-game money
  • mcMMO levels
  • Inventory...
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Greetings EarthLords

Over the following weeks of the remaining summer, we have some big updates planned including a 50k YouTuber streaming on the server this weekend to grow it! #HYPE We are now officially back better than ever. Let's create the next big thing together!

Outpost Update

Outposts are now easier to find, all you have to do is do /warp outpost and follow the path to whatever outpost you want. We have also fixed outposts so you cannot sethome on them (meaning you have to go to /warp outpost everytime you want to go to your outpost) giving the invaders some time.


Scoreboard Update

We have had some recent complaints about the scoreboard, so we decided to update it. We have added much more...
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Greetings EarthLords!

It's another month! We have some big plans for the rest of this summer starting with some basic fixes. We would like your feedback with suggestions or bug reports as much as possible! Please report any bugs or any suggestions you may have right away!

Top Voter Rewards

Next up is the top voter rewards for the month of July. If you would want to win a coupon and be the top voter for the month of July, use /vote or vote on

  1. Sittings
  2. OhLia
  3. RebeccaFreedle

Winners, please DM me to redeem your coupon code.

Future Plans

We understand the network has a lot that needs to be improved. If you again have any bug reports or suggestions please...
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Greetings EarthLords!

We have completely revamped duels. The duels system now has so many new features that will be very hard to list them here. We have tested all the features & they should all be bug free!


This has been suggested a few times in the past & it has been added. You can now bet money when you are dueling any player on the network.


To bet money use /duel (Player) (amount of $) You can also bet items as the winner will get that item. You can also have a random map or select any map you want.

Elo Rating

Elo rating is now a feature that has been requested a few times. Find who is the best at a certain kit!

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Greetings EarthLords!

We have just officially started summer! We have big things planned for this network for summer & the rest of the year! We are thinking of new features, fixing bugs & listening to the community. I'd like to personally give a HUGE thank you to everyone who has remained & played on EarthLordPvP & has supported us along the whole way of this network & will continue to support us in the future. We think of the community all the time & love every single one of you.

New Hub

Thanks to @Scarous, We have a new server hub that fills into the theme better. The hub is still currently being fixed as it was updated to a newer core version of the plugin we use. We are still working on gadgets & other making the hub better....
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Greetings EarthLords

Welcome to the start of something new! Over this summer we will start doing very heavy advertisements, updates & more! This is the start of a ton of updates! The staff team has worked very hard to start preparing events, updates, fixes & more! This is only just the start.

The start of the last map reset was not good, many bugs were formed & the server was not tested properly. We have fixed those bugs this map & allowed all users to get a fresh start & disabled crates & money for the first week of the map. We have TNT & Creepereggs also disabled for the first 10 days. Please note we have also changed the rules to make them more fair. We have looked over the server & fixed most if not all bugs. If you find a bug report them to a staff member right away.

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Hello everybody! I'm here to bring you a list of the most recent changes to the servers. Please report any bugs or suggestions to any staff members.

  • Fixed bug with server giving wrong ranks to users.
  • Fixed bug where Sponsor rank did not have the correct permissions.
  • Fixed multiple lag issues (the network should be less laggy)
  • Upgraded memory, ram & hardware.
  • Bosses will now automatically spawn in the end.
  • Fixed issue when crates would not give you the reward you won.
  • Reset date has been set & features are starting to be developed.
  • Genbuckets are fixed.

Please send any bug reports or suggestions to a staff member.
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Hello everybody! I'm here to bring you a list of the most recent changes to the servers. Please report any bugs or suggestions to any staff members.


  • Massive lag issues have been fixed. The network will be less laggy.
  • New messages will pop up allowing you to enter a code to gain money & more.
  • Faction permissions have been fixed to make them all actually work.
  • Fixed issues with crates not giving you the reward when won (all crates have been fixed)
  • Sellwands no longer have a cooldown.
  • Fixed bug with PlayerVaults clearing
  • Minor bug fixes.

Hub (Lobby)

  • Added a new hub build
  • All cosmetics will work on the next reboot (every 24 hours)
  • PvP Mode is going under fixing and should be fixed very soon.
  • Portals have now been added to the hub.

Multiple bugs with the forums has been repaired as well. Any bugs or suggestions please...
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